Affordable Pet Waste Removal Services


Double Doody Pooper Scoopers offers affordable pet waste removal services in Falcon and East Colorado Springs.  We love doggies, so the more the better! Our pricing below includes details on multiple dog and service time options.  We offer excellent, prompt service in our area and are happy to negotiate pricing depending on your unique situation!


Commercial Service

We offer competitive pricing on pet waste removal for Condominium Associations and Apartment Complexes.


Residential Service

Double Doody provides affordable pooper scooper services. Prices below are based on an average size residential lot.


One dog = $35/month.


Two dogs = $49/month.


Three dogs = $59/month.


Double Doody will gladly negotiate pricing based on your unique situation! We stand by the fact that we offer a superior service at an affordable cost. Please call for a free estimate.

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